HIKE for Mental Health

Share the joy of hiking. Bring hope to those battling mental illness.

Share the joy of hiking; bring hope to those battling mental illness.


Elk Knob Summit Hike

April 28, 2018 • Todd, NC

Bask in magnificent views of many mountains including Bluff Mountain and Grandfather Mountain...
Enjoy the experience of one of our newest State Parks and its well-maintained trail...
Relax at the summit of one of North Carolina's highest peaks at 5,520'...
Hike through an open northern hardwood forest...

These are just a few of the attractions on the 4 mile Elk Knob Summit hike in Elk Knob State Park in Todd, North Carolina.

Bring a snack or lunch to enjoy so you can share in the beautiful views, good conversation, and food at the summit.

Meet new friends and enjoy the natural beauty of North Carolina just 45 minutes from Wilkesboro, 90 minutes from Winston-Salem, and two hours from Kingsport, TN.

Registration Is Free

Instead of charging a fee, we ask your help raising funds for mental health research and trail maintenance.

It's fast and easy! When you register, you will be able to personalize a sponsorship page and share it through email and your favorite social media such as Facebook or Instagram. How does it work?  

Every little bit helps, and there is no minimum to raise – we just ask that you help us spread the word, then come join us on the trail.

Get a Free Hiking Shirt

Our quick-dry shirts look and feel great, on or off the trail.

Every registered hiker who raises at least $100 will receive a HIKE for Mental Health shirt as a token of our appreciation.

Available in men's or women's sizes SMALL – XXL.

When you register, we will ask your size preference. Once you reach $100 in donations to your fundraising page, we will get your shirt to you.

If you hit the $100 ten days before the hike, your hike leader will have your shirt for you on hike day. Otherwise, we will mail it to you after the hike.

So help us raise money and awareness for this great cause.

For a Good Cause

HIKE for Mental Health is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

All contributions are tax deductible, and 100% of the hike donations support our mission.

Eighty cents of every dollar funds mental health programs, including break-through scientific research into PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar spectrum disorders, depression and other major mental ilnesses. Through research we can find better ways to alleviate the suffering that affects 1 in 4 American families.

The remaining twenty cents maintains wilderness trails across the U.S. By supporting non-profit, volunteer groups that care for our trails, we help preserve wilderness experiences for generations to come. Where the money goes.

Hike Details

Location: Elk Knob State Park, Todd, NC
Date: April 28, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM - 2 PM. Exact times and locations with directions provided to registered hikers only.
Distance: Approximately 4 miles.
Difficulty level: Moderate to strenuous.
Suitable for beginners? Absolutely! A great hike for beginners who can readily climb 4 flights of stairs without stopping and still be smiling.
Registration fee Registration is free.
Pet friendly? Dogs are welcome in the park but must be on a leash no longer than 6 ft.
Sponsorship amount: The hike goal is $2,000. There is no minimum required to join the hike, but if every hiker raised $100, we would get very close to our goal.
Free shirt: Hikers who raise $100 or more will receive a free HIKE for Mental Health quick-dry hiking shirt.
Hike director: Emily Ellis"So many people think that mental health care looks like lying on a couch being told by a person with a notepad what's wrong with them, when in reality there are MANY ways to take care of your mental health - one of which is knowing when to take time for yourself by getting back into nature," says Jess Crandell. "By hiking for mental health, we can take a moment to nourish ourselves and hopefully encourage others to do the same! Yes, we want to encourage everyone to get the professional care that they need, but self-care doesn't have to be difficult. It should be fun, meaningful, and something that you enjoy -  even something as simple as hiking!"

Trail Map

Every HIKE for Mental Health is an opportunity to:

  • get away from the hustle and bustle of work-a-day life and enjoy the beauty of Nature
  • renew old friendships and make new ones
  • have a great time hiking with a good group of people
  • stand up against the stigma of mental illness
  • discover your new favorite get-away
  • raise money for a great cause

Come on out and join us!


If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us.

We are glad to talk with you about your hike and how you can help HIKE for Mental Health.

We hope you will make HIKE for Mental Health a part of your hike.

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