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I am a section hiker from Miami, FL. raising money for mental health awareness alongside my hiking partner, retired Marine Corps Warrant Officer Jay Tansy.  We need everyone's support on this matter! Any little bit helps.  

ABOUT hikeOctober 2019

1 in 4 families is affected by mental illness.

I chose to join #hikeOctober to raise awareness of the challenges of mental illness, fund mental health research and conserve wilderness trails with our #hikeOctober campaign.

To learn more about #hikeOctober, click here.

HIKE for Mental Health is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded on the vision of a world in which everyone, including those who suffer mental illness, can find the simple joy of living.

Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of those afflicted by mental illness, eliminate the associated stigma, and to foster responsible use of wilderness trails.

As an all-volunteer organization, we distribute 100% of contributions raised by our hikers.

  • 80 cents from every dollar funds programs to alleviate the suffering of mental illness including scientific research to prevent, cure, and treat mental illness
  • 20 cents maintains and preserves wilderness trails

Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS. Thank you for your support.

To learn more, visit www.hikeformentalhealth.org.

Name Date Amount Comments
Alejandro Melendez 10/31/2019 $50.00  
Ibrahim Amjad 10/20/2019 $100.00 Thank you for bringing more awareness to mental health and making a difference directly.
Edgardo Gonzalez 10/18/2019 $100.00 Son; You can do it !!! Be SAFE. Awesome program to Help. Very PROUD of You.
Jacqueline Diaz 10/17/2019 $10.00  
Matthew Clements 10/11/2019 $20.00 Keep moving to the music. Never stop. And kill it this time.
Melissa Marquez 10/10/2019 $20.00  
Craig Spurdle 10/10/2019 $100.00  
Lissette Lam 10/09/2019 $20.00  
Mary Irizarry 10/08/2019 $20.00  
Jennifer Stringer 10/08/2019 $30.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/08/2019 $10.00  
Natalie Castillo 10/08/2019 $20.00 Awesome cause!
Carly Welch 10/08/2019 $25.00 Your amazing!!! Cant wait to see this next part of your journey!!!
DJ DIAGA 10/08/2019 $35.00 Keep up the good work! DIAGA & Cristy
Cristina Meléndez 10/08/2019 $20.00 Súper Orgullosa de ti! Gracias por tu compromiso para con otros ❤️
Yesenia Fuentes 10/08/2019 $35.00  
Tomas Iglesias 10/08/2019 $20.00 Bonita Acción !!
Brenda Suarez 10/07/2019 $50.00 You got this Eddy!!!
Edgar Estrada 10/07/2019 $20.00  
Gina Regueira 10/07/2019 $100.00  
Jessi Guldris 10/06/2019 $20.00 This is a great cause that deserves great attention! Kudos to you my friend! #GetIt
Grace Iglesias 10/05/2019 $20.00  
Maria González 10/04/2019 $50.00 Good luck
Courtney Wein 10/04/2019 $50.00 Good luck!
Tirotta Christopher 10/04/2019 $50.00 At least do more than two miles this time.
Scott Burgess 10/04/2019 $50.00 Go get'm Eddie. Proud to support you!
Jacquelene Nieves 10/03/2019 $10.00  
Jessica Fraidlin 10/03/2019 $20.00 Eddy eddy eddy!!
Francisco Alonso 10/03/2019 $25.00  
David Aguero 10/03/2019 $5.00  
Karen Poznanski 10/03/2019 $100.00 With love from the Poznanski family
Brittney Tansy 10/03/2019 $50.00 So proud of you guys!!!
Franco Interian 10/01/2019 $20.00 Love that you found a passion that fulfills you and gives back!
Lilian Tansy 10/01/2019 $25.00 Great job guys! We love you
Marcela Estrada 10/01/2019 $10.00  
Elizabeth Miranda 10/01/2019 $50.00 Good stuff!
Liana Tidwell 10/01/2019 $50.00  
Kristina Miranda 10/01/2019 $30.00 Way to give back babe! This is a great cause
  Total $1,440.00  
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